Why PROIndia exists

To address gaps in governance caused by a lack of relevant, accessible data
To bridge the gap between Government decision makers and the process of good governance using technology
To enable data-driven decision making in executive branches of governances
To encourage better measurement of the impact of governance decisions and policies

What We Do

Our Mission is to improve civic governance performance through digital learning dashboards that converge data collection and research, data science and deep knowledge of policy making and implementation of representatives’ performance

The Peninsular Research Operation Charter


We are an equal opportunity business and employer, and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, caste, religion, physical ability or any other markers

Non-partisan Approach

We work for governance at large, not with any particular political affiliation. We work across parties and focus on delivering actionable insights that improve the process of day-to-day governance

Creative Problem-Solving

We work with the highest standards of integrity and accountability, and expect our people to uphold the same


We are motivated by the spirit of building solutions to real gaps and shortcomings. Where most people see problems, we see opportunities. And as creative problem-solvers, we are constantly seeking fresh approaches to old challenges

Civic Empathy

We believe in using our skills to improve the way society works and believe strongly in inclusive, empathetic development for all. Every step we take at [and as] PRO is motivated by the positive social impact it could potentially create

Let's Connect

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