How can an open discussion among experts be facilitated on a user-friendly online platform?

Collaborative Governance

A tool that brings together people on a single platform and facilitates smooth flow of conversations among them. As an effort to break the hierarchical flow of communication, this tool encourages people in power to disrupt the traditional forms of communication and make themselves more accessible to everyone in their team, regardless of their place in the hierarchy.

It facilitates open discussions, easy collaboration between members of the team, inclusiveness in the decision making process and promotes two way communication.


How can the governance collect actionable data on land use patterns?

Eagle’s Eye View

With tools aimed at zooming in on land use, this suite helps governance officials time-travel between the present and the past. The dashboards intelligently collate remote images available from Google Earth and other subscription-based satellite imagery.


How can electoral outcomes and trends be tracked over time?


Our learning dashboard analyses and visualizes historical data about the factors that have influenced ballot results and presents new ways to map outcomes.

Built with complex statistics and mathematical algorithms, this tool is easy to navigate and use for decision-makers at different levels.


How can farmers predict supply and demand for their cash crops?

A cluster of tools and digital learning dashboards that use real-time data to analyze trends in agriculture that can better direct policy and governance interventions for farmers. These tools capture, analyze and visualize data pertaining to the state of the market, pricing (i.e.Cost, MSP), demand and supply, and more.

Think of this as a Crystal Ball for Farmers 2.0 - rooted in data collected from field surveys and expert analysis and visualized into tangible, actionable insights for farmers as well as elected representatives. This suite of tools helps with a range of actions from decision-making to impact measurement of policies implemented.


How can the governance ensure that subsidies are rolled out ahead of time?


To ensure that the common man receives his subsidies early or on time, this data driven dashboard is well equipped with relevant features. As a result, the entire process is streamlined effectively by proposing actionable steps and measuring the right KPI (Key Performance Index).

With the help of this platform, one can ensure that the common man remains least affected by the changes implemented by the governance.

Cutting edge tools and technologies

Expertise and excellence combined with cutting edge tools like Kubernetes, Docker, GraphDB, Selenium, Python, C#, Angular, Flutter etc have gone into the making of these digital dashboards. From Deployment to code versioning tools, these platforms are well equipped to aid in data driven policy making.

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